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Simpson Schedule

Please read carefully before registering as we have a two-part registration process

To register for a class:

  1. Locate your desired class at our Simpson location and click the blue “Register” button to the left of the class name. All classes listed on our web-site have at least one available spot and availability is updated in real-time. Prices are prorated weekly. The prices listed on our web-site are those for the remaining classes in the session.
  2. Fill out registration form.
  3. Click “Families Login” on our home page and request your password by clicking “Forgot your password or need to get started?”.
  4. Once the password is emailed to you, login to your account and click on “Fees & Payments” tab.
  5. Make a payment using a Visa or MasterCard (our system cannot process Visa Debit cards). While our registration system does require credit card information to be entered in order to enroll in a class, it does NOT automatically charge your credit card. A separate payment must be entered. Enrollment spots are not guaranteed until full payment has been made.

Once a child attends their first class, your credit card will be charged if there is an outstanding balance on your account.

You will be able to review your current enrollment and outstanding balance, as well as enroll in any other classes, by navigating your account. To drop or change a class please email info@torontopremiergymnastics.com.

Please note that Toronto Premier Gymnastics is a Gymnastics Ontario registered club. To attend class in our facility, each child must also be a registered member of Gymnastics Ontario. As such, a $45.00 annual fee covering the period up to June 30, 2025, will be added for each child.

Rules to Promote Safe Classes:

Waivers: All participants must complete the Assumption of Risk and Informed Consent waiver. Attendance in class will NOT be permitted without this completed document. If you have attended a class with us previously, this are required again at this time but will then be valid until June 30, 2025.

Face Coverings: Face coverings ARE RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE (children, staff, parents/caregivers and volunteers).

Caregiver Requirements for Parent & Child Classes: To minimize the number of people in our facility, only one adult caregiver per child can attend our Parent & Child classes.

Hand-washing: All participants must wash/sanitize* their hands upon entry into the facility. Participants will also be instructed to wash/sanitize* their hands before and after:

·   Using the bathroom

·   Using any equipment

·   Touching any belongings

Hygiene: Ensure appropriate respiratory etiquette by advising everyone to cough or sneeze into their arm/elbow or tissue. Ensure appropriate hygiene through repeated hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer*.

Cleaning: Bathrooms, high traffic areas and common touch points are cleaned daily.

Illness: If your child is sick, or COVID positive, they CANNOT attend class. If your child has been sick and their symptoms are resolved or improving, they are NOT COVID positive and have been fever-free for 24 hours they may attend class, provided they are wearing a well-fitted mask. A mask must be worn until ALL of their symptoms have been resolved. If your child has any symptoms and is not wearing a mask, they will NOT be admitted into class. If your child develops symptoms during class, they will be given a mask and removed from class.

Parents/Caregivers who are sick or COVID positive cannot enter the facility. Children of parents who are sick or COVID positive must wear a well-fitted mask.

Screening: Should a participant become sick while in class, staff will isolate the participant in a designated isolation area until the participant is able to leave the facility. The participant will be provided with a mask. TPG will make every effort to immediately sanitize any equipment used by the participant and will follow up with the participant’s family.

Limited Personal Items: ONLY THE FOLLOWING ITEMS, labelled with the participant’s name, ARE PERMITTED AND REQUIRED to be brought into the facility:

·   Large, filled bottle of water

  •  Epi-pen (if required)
  •  For adult participants: One small, closed bag/purse. Please do not bring any valuable objects into the facility as the bag/purse will be placed on the gym floor and will be accessible to everyone in the gym.

* Please let us know if your child is sensitive/allergic to hand sanitizer*.

/Sign-out Procedures:

The sign-in process begins inside the gym. At both locations, please safely escort your child into the gym (for our Simpson location, please accompany your child down the stairs to the gym door and for our Main location please accompany your child to the front desk). For the first day of class, staff will confirm that the Assumption of Risk waiver has been completed. Prior to beginning class, all participants hands will be sanitized/washed.

** To make the sign-in process easier for the first day of class, please complete the required form and send it electronically to info@torontopremiergymnastics.com AT LEAST 24-HOURS BEFORE YOUR CLASS. **

  • All participants will sanitize their hands prior to leaving the gym area and will meet their parents/caregivers in the lobby.

Stay Tuned! Registration for our Fall 2024 Session will Begin on July 1st!